About Nikon Museum

Open 17 October, 2015
Exhibits Approx. 600 exhibits, including Nikon products and technical data, as well as movies
Floor area Approx. 600m2
Facilities 4K theater, large surround theater, shop, lockers (free of charge)
Others Wheel chairs, baby buggies (free of charge)

Museum Guide

Museum staff will guide groups of more than three visitors through the museum if required. Staff-guided museum tours take approximately 1 hour. For a staff-guided museum tour, contact the Nikon Museum to make a reservation at least 1 week before the visiting.
Museum staff may not be able to guide visitors if the museum is particularly crowded.

Fill in the following form to reserve a museum guide.
Please enter “Visiting date” and “No. of visitors”, as well as “Group name” if the group has one.