Who we are

Grounded in the latest opto-electronics and precision technologies,
our products and solutions help build a better society.
Get to know the real Nikon.

Nikon is here for you

We do so much more than manufacture cameras and binoculars. Our technology can be found in the equipment used to manufacture semiconductors essential to PCs and smartphones, as well as devices that detect faults in electronic equipment. Nikon’s technology is the cornerstone of everyday life.

Our technology and ideas exist to make you smile

Many of our products and technologies could only have been made by Nikon. A good example is our equipment used to manufacture increasingly larger displays. We work tirelessly everyday to meet people’s aspirations.

Helping to advance medical knowledge

Our support for medical research ranges from healthcare and bioscience to regenerative medicine and innovative drug development. Nikon’s equipment is used by researchers who study living iPS cells to find applications that will benefit society. Through partnerships with universities and companies, we're taking medical research to the next level.

Indispensable for manufacturing industry

We specialize in creating precise measurement devices that are crucial to the manufacturing process. Nikon's measurement devices contribute to superior product quality and safety in industries ranging from automotive to electronics and aviation.

Born in Japan over 100 years ago, now loved the world over.

A century of Nikon. We have always responded to the times and met the needs of people worldwide. Nikon has more than 50 group companies in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond. Employees with diverse backgrounds play an active role in countries around the world.

The world is our marketplace

Nikon’s overseas markets account for over 80% of total sales, and we're expanding globally every day. Nikon now has the top global share in equipment used to manufacture high-definition screens for smartphones and other devices, and our cameras bring joy to people everywhere on the planet.

Our innovation knows no bounds

Nikon cameras were used to record the historic mission of the Apollo 15 in 1971. Nikon has supported countless other space exploration missions and satellites. For years, we've focused on space. In the future, we'll continue helping scientists unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.