Other Business

Core technologies bear much fruit.

Technologies accumulated since our founding have borne much fruit. In addition to cameras, semiconductor lithography systems and microscopes, there are many more products and systems vital for people's lives and industry, as well as cutting-edge technologies used in space exploration. Nikon supports advancement in a broad diversity of fields, as we continue to look toward the future of human society across the world.

Customized Products Business

State-of-the-art Technologies for Space

Nikon's Customized Products Business addresses advanced customer needs by capitalizing on our state-of-the-art technologies. It has supplied products for use in space exploration, including optical systems for Japan's Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki project and observation systems for the Subaru large-scale infrared telescope.

Optical systems for Akatsuki

Nikon designed and manufactured the IR1 and IR2 infrared cameras, ultraviolet imager (UVI) and lightning and airglow camera (LAC).

Glass Business

Optics Based on Our Accumulated Technologies

Nikon started research on glass manufacturing in 1918, the year after our founding. Today, we continue to produce high-quality optical glass and photomask substrates for FPD, in vertical integration — from manufacturing of optical materials to applying final processing. We also provide analysis and measurement services for optical materials and optics, contributing to quality control in a host of different sectors.


Nikon's optical materials feature high homogeneity and possess excellent optical characteristics. Our advanced processing technologies enable us to manufacture high-performance optics.

Encoders Business

Contribution to Advancing Robotic Technology

Encoders are employed as sensors in the joints of industrial robots and machine tools, measuring the quantum or angles of rotation. They support sophistication, automation and increased energy efficiency in a variety of industry fields, by involving all kinds of innovations — from Nikon's unique optical technologies to ultra-high-precision, electronics, high-density packaging and accurate pattern forming technologies.

MAR-M50A Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

Using a reflective optical system, the MAR-M50A achieves a height of only 12.74 mm. It is suitable for use in small AC servomotors for industrial robots and service robots.

Ophthalmic Lenses Business

Optical Technology for Today's Environment

At Nikon, we have been researching the eye and ophthalmic lenses for more than half a century, developing many groundbreaking products to provide more comfortable, natural vision. Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd., a joint company with Essilor International, is in charge of ophthalmic lenses.

Seemax Master

A progressive lens that makes use of lens shape and fitting parameter optimization to deliver the maximum lens performance. This premium-grade lens is optimally customized for each user.