Towards a More Sustainable World

The United Nations adopts common goals for solving problems facing the global community

It is now widely understood that as various social and environmental problems grow increasingly serious on a global scale, it will be difficult for the world to develop sustainably in the future if these problems are dealt with only through conventional approaches used in the past.

Logo of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: SDGsThe United Nations has adopted Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030 in order to solve a wide range of social and environmental problems, such as resource depletion, climate change, poverty and hunger, and human rights violations. Related initiatives are being carried out in countries worldwide, and corporations, too, are expected to apply their ingenuity and innovations to help achieve the goals.

Offering useful products, services, and solutions to people around the world as a supplier of high-quality optical products in various industries

Nikon has been creating a wide range of beneficial products, services, and solutions for customers, and offering them around the world. In that way, Nikon is indirectly contributing to countless communities worldwide.

Nikon's ongoing initiatives for fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR)

To continue gaining the trust of its stakeholders, Nikon is carrying out a wide range of CSR initiatives involving quality and safety management, measures to reduce the environmental load of business activities, cooperation with procurement partners, and activities for contributing to local communities.

Nikon's contribution to making a more sustainable world

With a view to help make societies more sustainable, and based on its corporate philosophy of "Trustworthiness and Creativity," Nikon is applying its core technologies in a wide range of existing and new fields to proactively contribute to solutions for social issues.