Management System

Main initiatives and results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016

17 divisions and 14 companies

Audits were conducted at 17 divisions of Nikon Corporation and 14 of its group companies worldwide for the purpose of ensuring strict export controls in accordance with international frameworks intended for maintaining peace and security.

61 companies and 2,000 employees

Employee training on competition law was expanded globally, with programs conducted at Nikon Corporation, 18 group companies in Japan and 42 group companies outside Japan as of March 31, 2016.

Effective from June 29, 2016, Nikon integrated an Audit and Supervisory Committee into its management system with the goals of enhancing supervision over business execution and increasing the efficiency and transparency of management. It also implemented exhaustive measures for promoting compliance to ensure that all Nikon Group employees conduct business with a full understanding of ethical behavior. In addition, Nikon took steps to comprehensively manage risks in the Group's operating environment and prepare related countermeasures.