IV. Nikon's Culture/Art Activities Support

To Spread Photographic Culture

Nikon strives in activities to contribute to society by focusing on fields of the environment, education, social welfare, culture, art, and disaster reconstruction support.
We have worked in culture and arts fields with focus on photography and imaging culture for many years and we are expanding these efforts to each region of the world.

Community Contribution Spending

The breakdowns by type are 3.6% for the environment, 25.9% for education, 4.1% for welfare, 51.8% for culture and arts, 12.4% for assistance for reconstruction and 2.2% for others.

World Activities Supporting Photographic Culture

Each Nikon Group company acts to enable that everyone in the world has the chance to get familiar with a photographic and imaging culture, and to learn about it.
Through our activities we encourage young people to develop their creativity and expressive power, hoping that they will be active in various fields in future.

In Poland

Holding Photo Education Program: Action (Photo) Education

Action (Photo) Education is a multimedia photo education program for youths held every year since 2012 by the Nikon Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland). We are supporting the career development and the cultivation of creativity of youths by publishing photography education materials and holding competitions for high school and university students. We freely publish these education materials on the Internet and provide education manuals for instructors at participating schools. 67 schools participated in the year ended March 31, 2016.

In Japan

TopEye support of after-school activities for junior high and high school students working in photography

Nikon Imaging Japan first published "TopEye," a magazine to encourage junior high and high school photographers, in 1979. This magazine is currently distributed for free to roughly 7,000 schools. It supports the after-school activities of junior high and high school students through holding photo contests, publishing advices from photographers, and much more. The TopEye Photography Summit for High School Students started in 2014 to provide real experience to high school students. In the year ended March 31, 2016, 45 students from 15 schools participated to compete with their photographic skills and works.

In Canada

Co-sponsorship of Contact Photo Festival

Nikon Canada Inc. cooperates with the Contact Photo Festival held by a NPO since 2012. This festival is a huge photographic event with over 1,500 artists and photographers exhibiting every year and one million participates. Nikon Canada Inc. widely supports the photographers to youths in their activities worldwide through this event. We introduced free photo courses taught by professionals, free maintenance of equipment, and photo competitions in 2015 in addition to launching a photo program for elementary and junior high school students in 2016.


Nikon Salon has Engraved Half a Century of History

Nikon Salon is a photo gallery established in Ginza in January 1968 in commemoration of Nikon's 50th anniversary. Thereafter, this exhibition has contributed to the development of photographic culture for about half a century while expanding the venue for activities to Shinjuku and Osaka. Many photographers have used this exhibition as a place to announce their activities because their works are fairly evaluated regardless of whether professional or amateur.

Initiatives to Educate the Next Generation

Providing a Place to Announce Works to Young Photographers: Juna21

Left: Portfolio review
Right: Miki Jun Award Main prize

At Nikon Salon, a selection category called Juna21 was established for a young generation up to 35 years of age as support of education for the next generation to provide an exhibition space and support their activities. The Miki Jun Award is presented to the most remarkable works each year and encouragement prize to other remarkable works. It has come to be widely know in the world of photography as the first step to success by turning out large number of photographers. In addition, Juna21 not only provides an exhibition space but also a platform to learn. Juna21 supports the creative activities of young photographers through efforts such as portfolio review that allow a free evaluation from a selection committee member and gallery talk which the photographer explain their Juna21 exhibits.
* Juna21 will be renewed as "Be a Photographer" to provide further support for young people in the year ending March 2018.

Comment from Nikon Salon Operation Manager

Ikuya Hirose
Photo Culture Support Manager Imaging Business Unit NIKON CORPORATION

A Place to Exhibit Magnificent Works with Fairness Unchanged for Half a Century

The greatest value of Nikon Salon is the level of photo quality proven with fair evaluation unwavering since it was established. Everyone has a chance to exhibit their photos regardless of whether a professional or amateur because the quality of the work is the only evaluation standard. Never asking about the equipment used is proof of that. In other words, it doesn't matter whether the photos are taken with a Nikon camera or not.

The Nikon Salon has gained the attention of the world and is a venue connecting to the next step precisely because the judges of the selection committee have been choosing magnificent works with a strict yet fair eye. We also hope Nikon Salon can help evolve the photo culture by being used as a cornerstone for people to strive forward in photographic activities in the future.