I. FUTURE IN FOCUS Photo Contest

To Penetrate a New Figure of Desired Human Resources

We define the competencies for the type of human resources we desire as part of the global human resource management of the Nikon Group.
The Nikon Group held a photo contest inside the Group to promote understanding about competencies in the year ended March 31, 2016.

Five Core Competencies

1. Be pro-active 2. Communicate well 3. Embrace diversity 4. Seek new knowledge 5. Display integrity.

Prize-Winning Photos

Be pro-active
Communicate well
Embrace diversity
Seek new knowledge
Display integrity

The Nikon Group started implementing FUTURE IN FOCUS as a Group HR measure through the introduction of new HR systems by aiming to build an environment able to develop diverse human resources and utilize employees in a broad range of fields. To communicate the message implied in competency (desired human resources), which is one of the pillars of our HR system, in a clear, concise, and beautiful manner, we thought images, also being core business of the Nikon Group, were effective. Thus, we held a photo contest based on the theme of our competencies.

This photo contest aimed for employees to capture moments and situations thought to exhibit our Core Competency and express what it means through photography and naturally deepen the understanding of these competencies.

A total of 1,485 images were submitted. Five grand prize winners and twenty prize winners were selected from the images after regional and global judging (first and second phase) in addition to voting by our employees.

In the future, we will utilize the images of the grand prize winners as materials for PR such as posters to promote even more understanding and penetration of the competencies in the Nikon Group.

Judge's Comment

Kathrin Werner
Department Manager Human Resources,
Nikon GmbH

The most important criteria when judging was: Does the image illustrate the Nikon Core Competency?

We held the FUTURE IN FOCUS photo contest with the hope of receiving many submissions from employees around the world. The outcome exceeded our expectations and we received 1,485 images.

The most important criteria for the Global Judges including myself was: Does the image illustrate the Nikon Core Competency? In addition, image idea and its realization as well as aspects like the presentation of the theme, image composition, image perspective and the technical quality were taken into account.

The success of this photo contest, which was successful due to the cooperation of the employees, gave us confidence in continuing to advance the Global Human Resources Initiative - FUTURE IN FOCUS.