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As a responsible member of society, the Nikon Group is conducting various activities to improve health, medical care and the welfare of society as a whole. We also have activities in which every one of our employees can participate voluntarily.

Participating in the WFP's Walk the World in 2016

Since 2013, Nikon Group has participated in Walk the World, a charity walk event organized by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Part of the event's attendance fee is donated to the WFP's School Meals program which provides school meals for students in developing countries. More employees than usual, 87 Nikon employees, participated in the event held in May 2016. Nikon has been a corporate member of WFP since 2006. We have supported WFP's annual exhibition, which is held in Sendai since 2013 to highlight the activities of the programs.

A Community Contribution Program Involving Cafeterias/Vending Machines

©TABLE FOR TWO International
©TABLE FOR TWO International

Nikon is participating in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative. TFT is an organization that aims to address hunger in developing countries and unhealthy dietary habits in developed countries, thereby mitigating the food gap between countries and helping people lead healthier lives.
Nikon participated in TFT for the first time when a TFT meal was provided in the cafeteria at the Oi Plant in 2010. At present, a TFT meal is provided in the cafeterias of plants at Yokohama, Sagamihara, Kumagaya, Mito, Yokosuka and Tochigi Nikon Corporation, as well as the Oi Plant.
When an employee voluntarily buys a healthy TFT meal containing balanced nutrients, 20 yen of the price will be used to cover the cost of one school meal for a child in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Myanmar and the Philippines.
For the Nikon Corporation head office and other offices that have no cafeteria, a vending machine was installed instead. When Nikon employees buy a drink from the machine, Nikon Business Service Co., Ltd. and Kirin Beverage Corporation donate 1% each (a total of 2%) from the sales. With the collected donation, over 100,000 school meals have been sent to children through TFT.

Cafeteria at the Oi Plant
TFT Lunch

Sunrise Day Camp

Since the year ending March 2012, Nikon Inc., Nikon Instruments Inc. and Nikon Americas Inc. have worked together to support the Sunrise Day Camp-a camp for children with cancer at a local campground in New York. In June 2015, employees from the three companies and their family members and friends, a total of 31 people, participated in the Sunrise Walks to raise funds for the camp. As presenting sponsor of the event, Nikon provided prizes for all participants and Nikon employees worked as photographers. In May 2015, moreover, 15 employees from Nikon Inc. volunteered to clean up and improve the camp facilities to create a more comfortable environment for the children attending the camp.