Action Policy

The Nikon Group established the Nikon Community Contribution Activity Policy to embody the fifth item of the Nikon CSR Charter, "Responsibility to society as a corporate citizen", and contribute to the sustainable and healthy growth of society, which is the foundation for a company's success.

Nikon Community Contribution Activities "Basic Policy"

  • 1.Nikon will actively engage in community contribution activities in accordance with our corporate philosophy and CSR Charter to create a prosperous society with sustainable development.
  • 2.Nikon will conduct community contribution activities under the headings of "Environment," "Education," "Welfare," "Culture and Arts" and "Assistance for Reconstruction."
  • 3.Nikon will provide assistance to its employees' volunteer activities.

Supporting Employees' Participation in Social Activities as Volunteers

Respecting our employees' initiative and diverse values, the Nikon Group has improved the support environment for employees to enable and encourage them to participate in a variety of volunteer activities. For example, a volunteer leave system, support for charity events, donation programs and matching-gifts programs are in place to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Volunteer Leave System

Nikon allows employees to take leave to participate in volunteer work for social welfare and international cooperation activities.
In Japan, Nikon Group established Rules for Activities Supporting Reconstruction from the Great East Japan in the year ending March 2012, to encourage employees to perform volunteer work to support the afflicted areas. Employees who participate in the reconstruction activities in the afflicted areas are granted special leave plus subsidies for their transport costs.

Community Contribution Expenditure in the Year Ending March 2016

Expenditure Breakdown by Type

The expenditure breakdowns in the year ending March 2016 by type were 57.4% for activity expenses, 30.2% for donations, 1.2% for disaster relief donations, 9.9% for activity expenses for Tohoku reconstruction support and 1.3% for Tohoku Reconstruction Donations.

Expenditure Breakdown by Category

Allocations of community contribution expenditures in the year ending March 2016 by category were 3.6% for the environment, 25.9% for education, 4.1% for welfare, 51.8% for culture & arts, 12.4% for assistance for reconstruction and 2.2% for others.

Expenditure Breakdown by Region

Allocations of community contribution expenditures in the year ending March 2016 by region were 76.8% for Japan (for domestic activities), 12.5% for Japan (for overseas activities), 1.2% for Greater China, 2.4% for Europe, 3.5% for the Americas and 3.6% for Asia/Pacific/Others.

Number of Nikon Group Employees Who Participated in Community Contribution Activities in the Year Ending March 2016

  As of the year ending March 2015 As of the year ending March 2016
Employee participation 2,627 total 4,477 total