Community Contribution Activities

Main initiatives and results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016

4,477 employees total

The number of Nikon Group employees who volunteered to participate in community contribution activities totaled 4,477, substantially higher than the figure of 2,627 in the previous fiscal year.

315 students

To support the education of junior and high school as well as university students, the Nikon Group funded scholarships for 175 students in Thailand through the Nikon Shanti Scholarship program, 100 students in Laos through the Nikon-EDF Japan Scholarship program, and another 40 students in Laos through the Nikon-JICA Scholarship program.

The Nikon Group has established the Nikon Community Contribution Activity Policy and is carrying out initiatives for contributing to communities worldwide. Five areas of focus have been designated under the policy: the environment, education, welfare, culture and the arts, and assistance for reconstruction of areas damaged by disasters.

Throughout the Group, employees are enthusiastically volunteering to help in activities concerned with each of these areas. All companies and workplaces in the Nikon Group are involved in various social contribution activities based in their local communities. While promoting initiatives in accordance with the policy, the Nikon Group as a whole is striving to make its community contribution activities even more dynamic going forward.

Community Contribution Activities