Nikon Scholarship Program in Thailand

After the scholarship conferment ceremony in Bangkok (November 2014)

In 2007, Nikon Group established a Nikon Shanti Scholarship in Thailand with which Nikon has maintained positive business relations over the years and where Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located as a manufacturing base for imaging products. Since then Nikon Group has conducted the scholarship program with the cooperation of nongovernmental organizations.
The Nikon Shanti Scholarship program was implemented to provide educational opportunities to junior high school, high school and university students who were living under severe economic conditions. The scholarship has supported a total of 1,542 students over nine years.
In the year ending March 2016, the program aided 150 junior high school and high school students and 25 university students attending school or university.
Since 2013, a project that gives scholarship students a framed picture has been carried out as a part of the scholarship program.

Nikon Shanti Scholarship

The Nikon Shanti Scholarship is implemented with the cooperation of two organizations: The Shanti Volunteer Association, a Japanese group with experience in social-contribution activities in Thailand, and Thailand's Sikkha Asia Foundation.
The scholarship is provided for about 150 junior high school and high school students and about 20 university students each year.

Nikon Shanti Scholarship Program's Achievement

From the year ending March 2008 to the year ending March 2016, the Nikon Shanti Scholarship was granted to 676 junior high school students, 679 high school students and 187 university students.
Scenes from November 2015 (top) and June 2016 (bottom) —a scholarship conferment ceremony and visiting a scholarship recipient's home
Hometowns of scholarship students are Phayao Province, Nan Province, Loei Province, Tak Province, Khon Kaen Province and Bangkok
Hometowns of past and present scholarship students

"Gift from Nikon" Project

Since November 2013, Nikon has been working on the "Gift from Nikon" Project as part of the Nikon Shanti Scholarship Program in cooperation with the Shanti Volunteer Association and Sikkha Asia Foundation. The project gives the scholarship students a framed picture of themselves, taken with their significant others such as family or friends. It aims to provide the scholars an opportunity to enjoy photography, Nikon's specialty, and encourage them in their studies and everyday living.
Nikon donated three Digital SLR cameras to the Shanti Volunteer Association for this project. In January 2013, photography instructions were provided to the members of the Sikkha Asia Foundation at the office of Nikon Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The instructed members took pictures of the scholarship recipients with their family and friends when they visited their homes and schools. The pictures are then framed in Thailand and presented to each scholar at the conferment ceremony each year.

A member of the Sikkha Asia Foundation taking pictures for the project

Supporting Thai University Students Studying in Japan

Nikon supported university students through 2007 to 2015, in cooperation with Chulalongkorn University, a top-ranked educational institution in Thailand with a proud history. Current Chulalongkorn University students and alumni were short-listed and eventually selected as scholarship recipients. A total of eight students were supported with living expenses and tuition for graduate studies in Japan.