Providing Educational Tools for Environmental Education

Nikon has planned and created educational tools focusing on the environment that can be used in educational sites, such as schools and nature observation gatherings, targeting elementary school children and junior high school students. The tools have been effectively used in educational institutions in many places throughout Japan.
AKAYA NOTE is environment-based educational material for children with a variety of interesting stories and an abundance of photos and illustrations. The publication introduces biodiversity in Akaya Forest, the target area of AKAYA Project which Nikon has been supporting for many years.
Nikon also planned and produced IKIMONO KARUTA* as an environment-based educational tool for children to increase their understanding while having fun.

Environment Educational Material "AKAYA NOTE" — Introduces to Children Biodiversity in Akaya Forest


"AKAYA NOTE" is an environment educational material for children. The publication introduces biodiversity in Akaya Forest, with various, interesting stories and an abundance of photos and illustrations.
The material was planned and produced by Nikon through cooperation with people involved in the AKAYA Project, and completed in spring of 2009. All photographs and illustrations used in AKAYA NOTE were provided by courtesy of project supporters and related people working on activities to protect Akaya Forest.

The purpose of AKAYA NOTE is to bring children's attention to the mechanism and role of nature through reading the stories, encouraging them to understand the importance of biodiversity step by step. The material is also designed to be informative when children visit the forest in person with their AKAYA NOTEs, so that they can as many experiences as possible and start being interested in living things.

"AKAYA NOTE" Used As Educational Material

"AKAYA NOTE" is used as educational material in various educational settings, including classes learning about the environment in primary and junior high schools in Japan. Through teaching and taking a walk in nature, the material helps children to understand the close relationship between their life and the forest, as well as the necessity for treasuring the environment. We can see a good example of this in a teaching and excursion program we conducted for local primary school children. The session provided them with an opportunity to know about forests in the area they were born and raised. Through collaboration with the Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J), under whom the production of AKAYA NOTE was supervised, Nikon provides support for the effective use of the material in educational settings for children.

Junior high school students strolling through Akaya Forest with their AKAYA NOTEs.
Junior high school students learning about the environment in a classroom using Akaya Forest as the subject.
Local primary school children on an excursion to Akaya Forest.

"IKIMONO KARUTA" — Learn About Biodiversity and Have Fun


To encourage children to understand biodiversity through the idea of play, Nikon planned and produced "IKIMONO KARUTA" as an environment educational tool to increase their understanding while having fun.

Effective Use of "IKIMONO KARUTA"

Children playing with the IKIMONO KARUTA

What is biodiversity? It is not easy to understand.
With "IKIMONO KARUTA," children start understanding the relationship between the phrases and illustrations or photos appearing on cards, while having fun playing card games. They will gradually and naturally increase their understanding about the fact and significance that all living things, including human beings, animals and plants, exist in relation to each other in an ecosystem.

IKIMONO KARUTA has been well received among teachers in the primary schools we provided the card games. They appreciate that it helps children learn about biodiversity while having fun, even though the theme is a difficult one.