Supporting the Children's Forest Program in Thailand

Photo: OISCA

Since 2012, Nikon has been supporting the Children's Forest Program organized by OISCA (the organization for industrial spiritual and cultural advancement-international) in Thailand. This program exists around the world, educating children on the importance of forests and promoting global greenery through the planting of trees.
Nikon started supporting the program in 2011, when severe flooding occurred in Thailand, causing heavy damage to the country and to Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
The program seeks to raise environmental consciousness among the local populace and to plant trees near schools in areas where improvement of the watershed protection capability of the forest is needed.

Since 2015, the activity has focused on Maepaklae Village(Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province) in the Northern regions with a new project of tree planting and environmental education for areas around the school in Maepaklae Village. The project plan includes planting trees on a total of 13 hectares by 2019. In the year ending March 2016, about 3,100 trees were planted on 2.5 hectares with the help of local residents and their children, a total of 286 participants.

Children's Forest Program in Thailand

The flooding that started in Northern Thailand in July 2011 lasted for three months and caused enormous damage to wide areas throughout Northern and Central Thailand including Ayutthaya and Bangkok.
Thailand lost many forests through deforestation due to population growth and economic development. Forest coverage in Thailand was approximately 55% in 1961, but decreased to approximately 25% in 2000. This resulted in lowered watershed protection capability of forests. As a result, there were frequent draughts during the dry-season and floods during the monsoon season. These changes have caused severe damage in many areas of Thailand, and ultimately led the country to promote reforestation.

Photo: OISCA

OISCA runs the Children's Forest Program to educate children on the importance of conservation and protection of the green environment through hands-on tree planting in schools and neighborhoods. The Children's Forest Program in Thailand educates children about the environment, and encourages adults and children living in school districts to participate in tree planting. The program extends throughout Ayutthaya Province, Chainat Province, and the Northern and Eastern regions of Thailand.
To date, 200 schools have participated in the program and have planted a total of about 592,000 trees on 401.54 hectares of land.

Nikon's Support for the Program

Nikon decided to support the Children's Forest Program in Thailand in June 2012, and since then has donated money to the program every year.
In 2012 and 2013, Nikon visited Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong in the Northern region of Thailand and planted trees with the local people.
In connection with support for the Children's Forest Program, employees of Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participated in tree planting at Tongpu Municipality Primary School in Ayutthaya Province and delivered lunch consisting mainly of organic vegetables to the school.
Nikon will continue to support the Children's Forest Program.

Nikon participating in planting trees at a school in Chiang Rai (June 2013)
Photo: OISCA
Planting memorial trees at Tongpu Municipality Primary School in Ayutthaya Province (July 2012)