Believing that the resolution of environmental problems is imperative for human coexistence and sustained business growth, Nikon supports environmental conservation activities conducted by non-profit organizations and non-government organizations and works towards the environmental enlightenment of the next generation.

Other Activities

Participating in Environmental Activities as Members of the Community

Cleanup activity of Ishikawa River

Nikon plants and Nikon Group companies regularly clean up areas around the plants, offices and neighboring areas and actively participate in various environment-related events in regions to support them.
In the year ending March 2015, Mito Plant cleaned up areas around the neighborhood, and provided products for a nature observation event organized by Mito City and the Environmental Management Association of Ibaragi. Mito Plant also sponsored a photo contest that was organized by a local association which works on purifying the Hinuma Swamp. In addition, Mito Plant has continued to participate in the cleanup of Ishikawa River in Mito City, promoted by the autonomous community since the early 90s.

Supporting Birds of Prey Research in Japan and Asia

Filipino local students monitoring migratory birds

In September 2016, Nikon Vision Co., Ltd. provided products such as binoculars and fieldscopes, a total of 39 items, to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan. Through the society, the products were used for the AKAYA Project to research golden eagles and the overseas research activities of the Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network. The Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network offered the products to Filipino students who were engaged in monitoring grey-faced buzzards, birds of prey, which migrate from Japan to the Philippines to spend the winter.

Wildlife Conservation Days at the Vienna Zoo

Nikon GmbH Austrian Branch Office continues supporting the Wildlife Conservation Days event at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna every year since 2008. A total of 20 non-governmental organizations concerned with environmental and wildlife protection has taken part in the event. In September 2015, Nikon GmbH Austrian Branch Office set up a booth to give advice about photography and photography equipment and to take free commemorative photos of children wearing animal face paint.

Participating in the 5,000-Tree Planting Program

Participating in the tree-painting program in Metepec, State of Mexico

In August 2016, employees of Nikon Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and their families, a total of 18 people, participated in the 5,000-Tree Planting program. The program was conducted by Lo Hecho en México , a nongovernment organization in Mexico, as a part of its Mexico en una Imagen photo contest project. Nikon Mexico, S.A. de C.V. has been supporting the photo contest since 2014. The photo contest has been held with the concept of conveying the appeal of Mexico to people. For Mexico, suffering a serious environmental problem due to disafforestation, a tree is planted for each photo entered into the photo contest each year.