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Nikon Master Craftspersons

Nikon's experts practice their individual skills at the highest level, and their extensive knowledge and experience are seen as benchmarks for aspiring technicians.
Nikon recognizes them as certified Nikon Master Craftspersons.

  • *Content, including department names, was correct at the time of posting.
About Nikon Master Craftspersons

Nikon Master Craftspersons are chosen by the Nikon Master Craftspersons Council from among employees of Nikon Corporation and Nikon group companies who have attained first grade or higher in practical examinations, have techniques and knowledge that are at the highest industry level, and act as role models for junior technicians. Nikon Master Craftspersons work both as technicians and as instructors, training their successors and educating Nikon newcomers. The badge shown in the photograph is awarded to all Nikon Master Craftspersons.