Instruments Business

Advancing life science and industry.

From unraveling life mechanisms at the front lines of medical research, and advancing expedited clinical application of regenerative medicine, to rigid quality control for the latest manufacturing systems and high-precision surveying with increased efficiency in the areas of construction and surveying — Nikon globally contributes to a wide range of fields in life science as well as industry by providing diverse innovative solutions.

Microscope Solutions Business

Following a collaboration agreement with Lonza of Switzerland, we started contract manufacturing business of cells, etc. for regenerative medicine with a new, wholly owned subsidiary Nikon CeLL innovation Co., Ltd. We will advance toward expedited clinical application of regenerative medicine in Japan. With our inverted routine microscopes and inverted research microscopes designed to maximize efficiency in microscopic observation, Nikon supports researchers who unravel the mechanisms and principles of life.

Super Resolution Microscope N-SIM

N-SIM (Nikon's Structured Illumination Microscopy), a combination of technology licensed by the University of California, San Francisco, and Nikon's optical technology, allows observation of the minute intracellular structures of live cells with a resolution of approx. 100 nm — about double that of conventional optical microscopes.

Super Resolution Microscope N-STORM

N-STORM, which employs Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy technology licensed from Harvard University, has increased resolution to more than 10 times that of conventional optical microscopes. N-STORM delivers rich information that enhances understanding of the structure of living cells and biological phenomena at molecular levels.

Inverted Microscope ECLIPSE Ti2

The incredibly wide field of view and quick coordination with diverse accessories contribute to fast acquisition of vast data, making this microscope an integrated live-cell imaging platform. The unique Assist Guide function provides strong support for cutting-edge life science research, regardless of the users' skill levels.

Cell Culture Observation System BioStation CT

The BioStation CT allows time-lapse observation of cells while they are being cultured in the stable environment of an incubator. This not only mitigates the burden placed on researchers, but simultaneously enables tracking observation of cells without inflicting stress on them.

Industrial Metrology Business

Exhaustive quality control is indispensable to sophisticated manufacturing processes, like those employed for electronic components, automobiles and aircraft. To this end, our industrial metrology business offers a diverse lineup of measuring and inspection tools, including industrial microscopes, measuring instruments and nondestructive, noncontact inspection systems. Furthermore, in the field of construction and surveying, Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Nikon and U.S.-based Trimble Navigation Ltd., delivers high-precision surveying solutions that boost productivity.

CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-R4540

Utilizing optical measuring technology and computer image processing, this system automatically measures the dimensions and shapes of precision parts and electronic components, as well as transparent workpieces and those of complex design. Embedded with Nikon's exclusive linear encoder, it achieves highly accurate measurement.

Non-Contact Multi-Sensor 3D Metrology System HN-C3030

As a non-contact 3D metrology system, the HN-C3030 offers the world's most precise*, high-speed measuring in a compact body. The device quickly acquires various data of the target such as surface form, surface undulation, abrasion, deformation and subtle unevenness, that were previously difficult to determine conventionally.

  • *Statement based on Nikon research as of October 23, 2014.

X-ray/CT Inspection System XT H 450

This system utilizes X-ray transmission to display the inner structure of electronic components, injection moldings and castings for nondestructive inspection. Employing a high-power X-ray, the XT H 450 enables inspection of large castings and high-density metal products/objects, such as turbine blades. Providing internal images with the world's highest level of resolution delivered by the powerful 450kV X-ray, the XT H 450 addresses increasing demand for more accurate industrial inspections.

Total Station Nivo Series

Total stations are surveying instruments used to measure distance and angle. The smallest and lightest in its class, the Nivo series is especially effective in dangerous places such as steep slopes and high-rise construction sites. These units' curved, ergonomic design is a dramatic departure from traditional surveying instruments.