Nikon presented its heritage and power of evolution at PhotoPlus Expo 2017,commemorating the company's 100th anniversary.

On Nikon’s 100th anniversary year, Nikon participated in the 2017 PhotoPlus Expo tradeshow, which is the largest photography and imaging exhibition in North America. It was held over three days from October 26 to 28 in New York City. At its exhibition booth, Nikon displayed a collection of historic cameras, alongside an interactive “Touch & Try” area where attendees could experience the latest Nikon D850 & D7500 cameras. Additionally, Nikon showcased a beautiful collection of large prints in a highlighted gallery at the show, and hosted a variety of talented educators and Nikon Ambassadors that presented on an array of creative topics – these lectures were Livestreamed and are still available online to play back at[Open in a new window].

This exhibition truly represented Nikon’s genuine heritage, passion and its commitment and excitement for the future of digital imaging.

Nikon booth at PhotoPlus Expo 2017 Nikon booth at PhotoPlus Expo 2017
Legendary Nikon cameras are displayed Legendary Nikon cameras are displayed
Images taken with the latest D850 Images taken with the latest D850

An impressive array of approx. 400 NIKKOR lenses were on display at the Nikon Museum for the 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “The World of F-mount NIKKOR”

The Nikon Museum held a 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition entitled “The World of F-mount NIKKOR” from October 3 to December 27, 2017. F-mount NIKKOR lenses were first developed as interchangeable lenses exclusively for the Nikon F, released in 1959 as Nikon’s first SLR camera. For this exhibition, Nikon displayed approximately 400 F-mount NIKKOR lenses, selected from the over 450 kinds of lenses released during the 58 years up to 2017. A wide variety of NIKKOR lenses were displayed according to category, including those that are rarely exhibited such as a fisheye lens with an ultrawide-angle 6 mm focal length, and a 2,000 mm super-telephoto lens that boasts the longest focal length among NIKKORs. The array of brilliant lenses appeared as if floating, amid the black color scheme and calm ambience of the Nikon Museum, projecting Nikon’s passion toward optical technologies over the long years.

Various lenses, old and new, displayed together Various lenses, old and new, displayed together
The earliest F-mount NIKKOR lenses The earliest F-mount NIKKOR lenses

The passion of Nikon fans and staff united into one on four special days.

Four days of overflowing passion for cameras, photography and Nikon were experienced at the “NIKON 100TH ANNIVERSARY FAN MEETING 2017 –TOKYO & OSAKA–”, which was the first fan meeting for Nikon and held to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Tokyo meeting was held at Ariake TFT HALL on August 26 (Sat.) and 27 (Sun.) and the event in Osaka took place at Dojima River Forum Hall on September 2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.) As well as displaying a range of legendary products, various events were arranged such as seminars and discussions with professional photographers and Nikon developers at a special stage, workshops for shooting models, original goods sales and a Nikon quiz grand prix contest.
More than 7,000 fans attended during these four special days, planned with gratitude for those who love Nikon. It was a highly memorable experience for all concerned, successfully realized through the dedication and passion of customers and Nikon staff.

Tokyo Tokyo
Osaka Osaka

Photo shooting services for runners participating in The Color Run® are a huge success.

The Color Run® is a unique, world-scale running event, with its concept of being the happiest 5km on the earth. Nikon provided a photo shooting service at the events held in Beijing and Shanghai as one of its 100th anniversary activities. Ten Nikon staff took photos of participants at Nikon’s special booth and at the color station where runners experience color powder showers. Reading the provided QR code, taken images were sent to the registered smart devices. At the Shanghai event where approx. 20,000 people participated, Nikon provided approx. 16,900 photos for over 6,300 runners, which was very popular for all concerned. The Nikon booth was crowded with people and it was a great opportunity for everybody there to celebrate Nikon’s 100th anniversary.

The Color Run
The Color Run

Nikon 100th anniversary party for 100 invited guests including dealers, photographers and media representatives.

On July 25th, 2017, Nikon proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary. Under the concept of “A Century of Light – The Journey of Light over 100 Years”, Nikon’s 100th anniversary party was held at a special venue in Bangkok. Approx. 100 guests were invited including dealers, photographers and media representatives. These are the people who had supported Nikon’s growth in Thailand, which is an important market and also where Nikon’s core factory to manufacture major products of Nikon’s camera business is located. At the party, various events were held along with an exhibition of the history of manufacturing displaying both classic and new cameras and lenses, including the 100th anniversary model of the D5. The many participants shared the same wonderful spirit of “Looking forward to the next 100 years with Nikon.”

The spectacular 100th anniversary stage The spectacular 100th anniversary stage
Party venue Party venue

Installed digital signage advertisement celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary.

Nikon marked its 100th anniversary on July 25, 2017. In commemoration of the company’s centennial celebration, digital signage advertising was implemented for seven days from July 24th to 30th at various locations, including Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, which is the closest train station to Nikon Headquarters, as well as on trains that run in the Tokyo and Kinki metropolitan districts. It delivered message of appreciation along with a number of epoch-making products and technologies that widely contributed to the society in the period of 100 years.

Tokyo Metro Vision: Click to view English version of the video that was aired in Japan
J-AD Vision: A scene from the digital signage advertising at Shinagawa Station
J-AD Vision: A scene from the digital signage advertising at Shinagawa Station

1,454 participants create the largest human image of a camera to set a new world record!

On June 17, 2017, Nital S.p.A., Nikon’s Italian distributor, organized an event to celebrate the 100th anniversary by challenging to set a new world record by making “The Largest Human Image of a Camera”.
The event took place at the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi (the Hunting Residence of Stupinigi) in northern Italy. Far exceeding the previous record involving 250 people, a staggering total of 1,454 people – including Nikon users, photo enthusiasts, and employees of supporting companies and retailers – gathered to form a human image of a gigantic Nikon SLR camera. The image had to be in the perfect shape of a camera to achieve the record.
The image was rigorously checked by a panel of judges to count the crowd and verify whether the formation looked like a camera, and it was successfully certified as a new world record.

The process of achieving the world record can be viewed on video and slideshow (in Italian)[Open in a new window]

1,454 participants create the largest human image of a camera to set a new world record!